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A few Quotes from our Beloved Customers...

Seriously the best leggings I've ever worn. I've been wearing lulu's and hate having to constantly pull them up - plus the constant worry if they're sheer, esp while squatting. I put DanaLouFIT leggings through the ultimate test. Heavy squats, followed by a workout with a ridiculous amount of burpees and running. Not once did I have to stop what I was doing to adjust my leggings. Which is amazing, bc usually I'm tugging my pants up every two burpees. The high waist band is super comfortable and holds everything in and the prints are fun and super cute! Hands down, best leggings and couldn't be more impressed! -Lauren P.

"I love the fabric, the fit and the prints. Your clothes tuck in what needs to be and supports what needs support. Washes well too." -Becky

"Holy Cow! Can we just take a moment to congratulate DanaLouFIT for this perfectly fitting sports bra!!! Finally!! Full coverage AND a strappy back!! Be still my heart!! Got it in the mail today and have to wear to class tonight! Fantastic materials, fit, pattern, and I could go on!" -Lauren
I just got my leggings in yesterday and couldn't wait to try them out today. I'm a personal trainer/group fitness instructor and I've had so many compliments about them already. I practically live in leggings day in and day out and love the way these feel and move with me no matter what activity I'm doing. I can't wait to order another pair. And I'm telling all my clients about them too so hopefully you'll have some orders coming from Oklahoma soon. -Jennifer 
"I love the quality and fit of your products. You have the highest quality seams and finishes of any active wear I have. Your fabrics are light weight and feel like skin. I love how your leggings waist band sits on my mid section. Not too tight. No muffin top. Smooths my stomach." -Jo
"Incredible fit. Incredible style and the multiple uses of these products are incredible! Made perfectly to fit every shape!!!" -Chelsea
I love everything about them. Out of all my yoga/workout pants they dry the fastest by far! I like to fold the top down & thought you could put the logo on the inside too so people can see it still. Gotta represent right?! -Holy
The leggings and capris are incredibly comfortable. I don't want to wear any other ones to the gym! And the prints are so much fun! -Kia