DanaLouFIT is a product of our passions and beliefs: a HOPE to support a movement towards intentional shopping, a LOVE for empowering men and women to live as Driven Warriors, a deep DESIRE to give back to communities that have impacted us in some way!

Do you know where your clothes are made? With DanaLouFIT you can be confident knowing where your new favorite pair of leggings were stitched. All of our products are handmade right in our Jensen Beach workshop by either Dana herself or her beloved seamstress crew. Our hope is to change the way we, as consumers, can be so disconnected with something we use to express our identity literally 24/7... unless you sleep naked. I myself (Dana) can agree that I am guilty of this very thing. It wasn't until I started DanaLouFIT that I began to realize more about the garment industry and some of its horrible habits.

We are taking steps daily to provide a more sustainable and ethical way to make your DanaLou's including sourcing materials. Here is a list of some of the good habits we've created thus far at DanaLouFIT:

  • We are handmade in the USA and wouldn't want it any other way. No outsourcing to manufacturers here, thus providing jobs in our local community and contributing to the US economy as a whole.
  • We do absolutely everything when it comes to production from design to shipping the finished product. Dana does most of the design work and all of the pattern making for each DLF product. We cut each piece out individually and sew it together. We then do all the website product shots and put it up on our site in house. We use our favorite local photographer, Tristine Davis Photography, to do our lifestyle photoshots for our lookbooks and social media related shots.
  • The Polyester/Spandex fabric we use in most of our products is digitally printed using sublimation techniques which is a more eco-friendly printing technique and not one ounce of water is used in the process which is unlike most dyeing techniques that cause a lot of water pollution.
  • We don't like to throw away anything, reducing our carbon footprint. We keep most of our fabric scraps and recycle them into smaller products like our Earth Bras, headbands, or straps for our sports bras/swimwear.

We want to create a brand that seeks to empower people to live their passion, to walk with purpose, and to be "Driven Warriors" when faced with life's battles. We are all heroes with the power to affect change and achieve success. Anyone can be an athlete if you're willing to work hard. So put on your funky DanaLou and go conquer the world... take it ABOVE.BEYOND.BECAUSE.

We feel the most important ingredient in being successful is to take that success and “Pay it forward”. Our 'Athleisure for Hope' program is committed to not only giving back to our local community, but globally as well. We are grateful to have had the ability to contribute both time and money to some amazing non-profits both locally and globally....

We are currently working with the Coral Restoration Foundation. Some of the other organizations we have also worked with thus far are the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Equality Florida Institute, Inc. – Orlando Victims Fund, Project Worthmore and Namastacy Yoga Corporation. Depending on the campaign we are running at the time, we take a percentage of our sales from that particular campaign and give it straight to the non-profit we are currently working with. So, with each DanaLouFIT purchase you can feel good about helping an organization in need.