The DanaLouFIT Brand Ambassador Program provides ambassadors with the ability to earn CASH or credit for DLF products by sharing the DLF love.  Ambassadors use their daily lives as a platform to share meaningful content and DLF products to inspire others to be their own Driven Warrior.

By becoming a brand ambassador you will get:

  • 10% commission for each purchase you referred

  • Payouts via Paypal, check, or DLF gift card when you reach the minimum earned

  • When you or your referrals enter your personal coupon code they will receive 10% off their order

  • Free product and other incentives when you accumulate $500+ referred sales

  • We look to our Brand Ambassadors first when opportunities arise for social media campaigns, events, and photo shoots

We will provide you with support and the latest DLF news to share with your community.

To register please click the link below.  It is quick and easy.  Once approved you will receive a welcome email with your personal link and coupon code to share and spread the DLF love.




Brand Ambassador FAQS

  • What does a DLF Ambassador do?

Our ambassadors share their love of DanaLouFIT with their friends, family, gym, studio or box

  • What are the perks?

As an Ambassador, you can earn 10% commission in cash or DLF store credit on every order purchased through your referral link or using your coupon code.  YOU AND YOUR NETWORK WILL RECEIVE 10% OFF .  Additionally, for every $500 in sales you receive a FREE pair of DLF leggings.

  • How much do I get paid?

10% commission paid via Paypal, check or DanaLouFIT gift card on all referral purchases made through your custom ambassador link or coupon code.

  • How does the DanaLouFIT Ambassador Program work?

When you sign up you will receive a unique referral link and coupon code. When someone clicks your link it embeds a cookie into their browser that credits them to your account.  If they purchase something using your link or enter your personal coupon code you will receive a 10% commission on their purchase.

  • Do my referrals receive a discount?

Anyone who enters your personal coupon code at checkout will receive 10% off  They MUST enter your coupon code to receive the 10% discount.  If they just purchase using your referral link it will ONLY give you commission credit and NO discount on their order.

  • When will I receive my commission’s payout?

 All eligible commission will be paid out on the 15th of the month.  A minimum of $100 will be payed out.

  • Do ambassadors get discounts on DanaLouFIT?

Yes! All DLF Ambassadors will receive a 10% discount on DanaLouFIT.  Just enter your personal coupon code at check out when you place an order at

  • How do I sign up to be a DanaLouFIT Ambassador?

To register sign up go to: When you are approved you will receive an email with your personalized link and coupon code.

  • Who is my contact at DanaLourFIT?

‘Jo’  is our DLF Brand Ninja. She can be reached at

  • What is the Ambassador Panel?

The Ambassador Panel is your personal page where you can see earned commission; find your personal referral link and coupon code, and more.  When you register for the ambassador program, you will receive a panel (your own URL page), where you can see all the information in different pages.  Go to to learn how to navigate your panel.

  • How do I log into my personal Ambassador page?

You can log in and navigate your panel at: