DanaLouFIT is a family run business in Jensen Beach, Florida. ALL of our products are designed and made in-house at our local shop... We can proudly say "Handmade in the USA" and wouldn't want it any other way. In fact, Dana is driven to support her community as the company continues to grow and never wants to outsource the production to manufacturers; thus providing jobs for her local community ensuring all DLF products are made ethically with a whole lot of love.

DanaLouFIT was also founded on the principle of kindness toward others and ourselves... physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her inspiration is to not only help others reach their goals and dreams, but to do it in style and with confidence. With nearly a decade of fitness-instruction experience and a history of creative design, Dana was inspired to launch her own fitness apparel line with the support of her loving husband Paul. 

At DLF we strive to design active apparel that is comfortable and functional. The last thing you want while squatting heavy weight or transitioning into downdog is to adjust your clothing. We know what's comfortable and all of our patterns are put to the test before production. We currently specialize in activewear and accessories for every active lifestyle whether you're a Runner, CrossFitter, Yogi, Surfer, Cyclist, Climber or Paddle boarder, our products will help you get the job done and set some new PR's.