We're hittin the ROAD in #VanLife DanaLou style! We are looking for Studios, Gyms, Boutiques, and/or individuals who want to host a trunk show! Up until now, DanaLouFIT has been ran primarily online and at our local showroom, but we want to share the DanaLou love with ALL of you around the US and Canada! There are incentives to hosting a show too....

For hosts that own a store or boutique, a trunk show can be a great way to introduce new products to your customers without having to place a large investment. Plus, such shows often bring in new customers and tend to give your business a sense of mystery that other stores might not have. 


    • What's involved with hosting a show?
      • We will become TRUE partners. We are in this together and it's up to both of us to make it successful. All we need is your space and your customer base/friends to come to your Trunk Show and we will take care of the rest. The more people attending your show the better your sales so - invite, invite, invite... We will be helping to promote the event through our social media outlets and through our website which also gives you more exposure! It's a win, win!
    • How much product will DanaLouFIT be bringing?
      • We will plan on bringing a lot of product so there is plenty to go around, but if we sell out of something customers can still place an order and we'll ship it out once it's made! Since we are a handmade shop, we also accommodate custom orders so your customers can get creative with their choices!
    • How will customers pay?
      • We will handle all of the sales so you don't have to worry about a thing! At the end of the show, we will tally up the total and pay your commission or exchange product on the spot! 
    • What will our price point be at the trunk show?
      • Our prices will not change the day of your show, everything will sell at their normal retail price. No inflation here! Check out our online store to get a feel for the price points!
    • What if I own a store and want to process all of the sales through my own POS system during the show?
      • We can definitely accommodate this style of trunk show and are willing to work with all store owners to tailor each show to meet their needs! For store owners wanting to process sales please contact us so we can work out all the details prior to your show!
    • Have more questions?
      • no problem... shoot us an email at dana@danaloufit.com or give us a call 772-301-8910




    January 05, 2018 by Dana Anglin