Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Today is a day of thanks. I for one am extremely thankful for my family so I wanted to share a little gem from my talented mother, Lesley. She is one amazing lady and her words rang so true to how I am feeling this year!

"Yes!  It’s official!  The “Holidays “ are here!

Does it seem a bit harder to celebrate this year?
So many distractions from ordinary life.
Our world seems so crazy, our days filled with strife.
Positivity, it seems, at an all time low,
But just how low will we allow it to go?

“Breaking news” now an everyday thing!
How do you filter out the hurt and the sting?
Will worry replace the joys of our past?
Will it tarnish our memories of those fading fast?

We can’t let it happen, it seems to me.
Step number one...turn off your TV.
Then Facebook, and Twitter and rogue email, too.
Turn off reminders that make us feel blue.
For its time to be thankful, to be filled with elation,
Let’s choose to be hopeful filled with anticipation,
Of the season that’s waiting for our participation.

Remember what counts; Faith, Family and Friends!
And the love we all share on which nothing depends.
We have all we need, we’ve had it all along!
So, celebrate the joy in your heart with Hope and with Song."

Thank you mom for sharing your talent. I love you all XO-DanaLou

November 23, 2017 by Dana Anglin