DanaLouFIT's Pick a Print Program

DanaLouFIT's Pick a Print Program

We have a very exciting and engaging program in place at DanaLouFIT. It’s called the Pick a Print Program and we work with Gym and Studio Owners to create a personalized custom legging.

The process starts out with Dana giving you a few awesome print options to choose from. Once you have chosen your personal print then you and Dana will work together to come up with a custom design for your legging. Once the design process is complete then you can name your legging.

We will advertise you, your legging and your gym/studio on our site! So you and your business also get widespread exposure with the pick a print program which is an extra bonus to this fun and exciting experience!

So far we have the Andrea Legging from creator Andrea at Lotus Loft Yoga in West Palm, Florida. The Jeannie Legging from creator Jeannie at Surya Yoga in Stuart, Florida and last but not least The Debbie Legging from creator Debbie at  Fusion Fitness and O2 Yoga in Coral Springs, Florida.

The Andrea, Jeannie and Debbie leggings are now for sale on our site! Please check them out and read about the creators, their business and their awesome leggings!!!

Please note that there is a minimum purchase of 18 pieces when you create a legging in our Pick a Print program. 


April 09, 2016 by Angela Murray