We are excited to introduce our new DanaLouFIT Ambassador Cristina Rivera. Please read about her journey through yoga, her passion for traveling and her exciting new jewelry line! We are so pumped to have her as a part of the DanaLouFIT team. 

When did you start your yoga practice? 

I did Kundalini for the very first time in college, my senior year. I loved it and went every single Friday to de-stress at the end of a week while working on my senior thesis. But once I graduated, life got in the way and I forgot about yoga for quite some time. It wasn’t until about three and a half years ago that I read about free hatha classes at the New York Public Library; I checked one out and rediscovered my love of the practice. I’ve been doing it regularly since.


How has your yoga practice shaped your life? 

Where to begin! At the risk of sounding trite, it’s made me a better person all around. More accepting, less judgmental. Probably most importantly, much better at going with the flow. Things don’t affect me the way they used to. I honestly feel like my heart rate has slowed down, as has the aging process. If that’s not a ringing endorsement for yoga, I don’t’ know what is. I operate on a more even keel and generally just feel healthier in body, mind, and spirit. I tell everyone I know: yoga is a gamechanger.


You have said that you love to travel! Where is the coolest place you have been? 

I’d say it’s a tie between Cape Town, South Africa and Israel. Both are just such a delight for the senses. Beautiful places inhabited by beautiful people. Both are also major cities right on the water, which I love. The prospect of being able to hit the beach for an hour after work (perhaps to practice yoga!) is so appealing to me. Also, the food in Israel specifically is incredible. Since becoming really serious about yoga I’ve also gone vegetarian (ok if I’m being honest pescatarian is more accurate), and the options in Israel are endless. I’d go back for the hummus alone.


What type of traveler are you? Spontaneous or planner? 

It depends where I’m going, with whom, for how long…so several factors, of course. But in general I subscribe to the notion of moderation being key in literally every aspect of life (I’m a libra!),and this applies to travel, too. So I like to have a loose itinerary, since basically anywhere I go has spots that I know I need to see. But I’m not someone who plans out every moment of her day. I love to wander and see where I end up. That’s where the magic in travel really happens, in my opinion.


You are launching a new jewelry line? Can you tell us a little bit about it and how you came to the decision to create this line? 

I am! It’s in the very beginning stages. Right now the line is just necklaces, but my hope is to design some bracelets soon. The necklaces are a metal disk with a stick figure of a yoga pose etched on one side, and a corresponding phrase about the pose on the other. So for example, a stick figure in easy pose with the words “breathe easy” on the back. The first piece I ever made was for myself:the idea was for the necklace to serve as a reminder of my practice…for me personally, if I’m feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed I’ll look down and see my breathe easy necklace and think, that’s right! All I have to do is breeeathe. My hope is that anyone who purchases a necklace feels the same. To check out Cristina's amazing jewelry line you can visit her website at http://accordingtocristina.com/shop/


What's your favorite DanaLouFIT garment and why? 

I love the reversible sports bra! The pattern (on either side!) is so fun and colorful. And the crisscross pattern on the back is sexy. Not that I’m thinking about being sexy when I'm doing yoga, but it’s an added bonus. I love the leggings too- particularly the fact that they’re so high-waisted.




May 02, 2017 by Angela Murray

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