DanaLouFIT is proud to introduce Kyla Sfiris as a member of the Dana Lou Crew Team. Please read and learn about her time as a College Athlete at Western Carolina University and how being a College Athlete has shaped her into the person she is today and how it has helped her with her journey of becoming a barre3 Studio Owner and Instructor. 

1. You were a College Athlete at Western Carolina University. How do you think being a part of a college sport shaped you into your profession as a barre3 Owner and Instructor? What aspects of your life did it also help shape?

Playing at the collegiate level is a tremendous amount of work, and I think that the work ethic that was instilled in me during my time playing soccer has a huge impact on deciding to become a barre3 owner and Instructor. It's a ton of work but so very rewarding! Also, I think passion is a key attribute. When I was growing up, I had such passion for the sport and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. As an adult I have found that same passion and purpose for barre3 and I am so excited to share that passion with our clients at our new studio!

2. What did being part of a team mean to you? Do you think some people are better at being individual athletes versus team athletes?

I loved being on a team! My teammates from college are my family. We went through “thick and thin” together, and even though we have moved on with our own families and lives, each teammate I played with has a huge place in my heart. We have such a bond that has withstood the test of time that months or even years can pass by and we still pick up right where we left off. There is actually a group of us getting together next month for an alumni weekend!

3. What is the most important lesson you learned being a College Athlete?

Definitely the biggest lesson I learned from my time as an athlete is the value of working together as team. We had each others backs and were always there to lift each other up. It is such a powerful feeling to have people in your corner that truly believe in you. I have been able to find that same team through my family at barre3. It is truly a tribe of super supportive people and each studio that you step in feels like home.

4. How did you get interested in Barre 3? What do you like most about this type of workout?

I actually found yoga shortly after college to help alleviate some of the injuries from my time as an athlete and I started teaching shortly after. About a year ago a friend suggested I look into teaching at barre3 and I was immediately hooked! Being an athlete at heart, I was first drawn to the challenge of each class and I loved the way my body felt after class. I really never felt stronger! Barre3 is a combination of barre, yoga and pilates with a super fun cardio element and amazing music. But as I started to learn more about the Company, I fell in love with what the Company was all about. Not only is barre3 challenging and effective, it is so accessible and accommodating.

5. Your opening a new Barre 3 Studio. Can you tell us about your journey of becoming a owner of the Studio and a little bit about the location and specifics that are special to your studio?

Yes! About 6 months after teaching at another local barre3 studio, I knew this was something I need to continue to share at a higher level. My sister Kristen (who was also my teammate in college) and I decided to go for it and open our studio together! Our studio is in the growing area of Five Forks in Simpsonville, SC and will open in early 2017. We grew up in the area and cannot wait to share barre3 with our community. One of the things that we are most excited about is that we will offer childcare! We both know as busy moms ourselves that it is so important to carve that time for self care.

6. What is your Favorite DanaLouFIT leggings you like to work out in and what do you like most about the leggings?

I seriously love them all! Every time I put my DanaLouFIT’s on, I feel amazing and they are total show stoppers. The patterns are truly works of art, but most importantly the fit is amazing. I would say my favorite leggings are the Graffiti Leggings when I am in the mood for some fun and the Jeannie Leggings when I am in the mood for some black.

October 12, 2016 by Angela Murray

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