We are so excited to introduce Arden Frank as a DanaLouFIT Ambassador! Arden is a student at the University of Texas studying Textiles and Apparel Design! She has great insight into the Athleisure craze in America and has some great fitness spots to share in Austin!!! We are so excited to have this Rock Star Ambassador on our team! 
1. Tell us about yourself? How did you become interested in becoming a DanaLouFIT Ambassador?

From a young age I have been involved in both fitness and fashion. When my long time friend and yoga instructor, Becky Cawood, referred me to Dana as a good candidate for an ambassador I could not deny the wonderful opportunity. At Dana Lou Fit I knew I would be able to combine my love for fitness and fashion, while helping Dana build her brand identity.

 2. You’re studying Textiles and Apparel Design at University of Texas. What got you interested in Textiles and Apparel and what would you like to do with it in the future?

Interest in fashion is practically hereditary in my family. All my life I have known that I wanted to work in the industry, but not until college did I decide I wanted to learn the art of design. I will probably not work as a designer in the future, but find learning the trade crucial to my success industry. Careers I often admire and consider are trend forecasting and creative directing.


3. Active Wear is the top selling style of clothing being sold in America right now. Why do you think it’s become so popular?

I believe the athleisure craze is do to an overall shift in social attitudes towards wardrobe standards. Today’s society does not believe you need to be dressed your best to go in public. Instead, we value comfort and ease. We have found a way to combine style and convenience via athleisure in order to accommodate our shift in views. I am a large supporter of athleisure and feel lucky to be part of a generation that is not constrained by uncomfortable and impractical wardrobe standards.

 4.What’s your favorite way to sweat?

I do not necessarily have a favorite way to sweat; it all depends on my mood! On a bad day I cannot go to sleep without some hot, power yoga. On a good day nothing feels better than a spin class with great music I can jam out to. When I really need to get my butt kicked ,Fight Club’s high intensity interval training always does the trick. I really believe there is not a best way to sweat. Just do what feels right for your body on that day and never push your limits.

5. Can you tell us about Fight Club in Austin? It sounds so interesting and fun?

Fight Club is by far the best workout near campus at the University of Texas. Every class is always different, but equally as challenging. Fight Club perfectly incorporates boxing, cardio and strength training through various of rounds of circuits. I am biased because she is my sorority sister, but Hallie Meland is definitely my favorite teacher. Both girls and guys flock to her class to challenge themselves and always leave drenched and sore.  

 6. What do you like the most about DanaLouFIT Active Wear? What’s your favorite piece that your wear often?

My favorite part of DanaLouFIT Active Wear is the high waistbands on the pants. As a person with a tiny waist and big butt, it is hard to find pants that will stay up when I work out. In addition, I love that all DLF pieces go together and allow me to always leave the house feeling put together in head-to-toe DLF.  My go to ensemble are my sparkly black pants from last fall and my Debbie crop top from this past Spring/ Summer collection.


August 25, 2016 by Angela Murray

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