We are so excited to introduce one of our amazing DanaLouFIT Ambassadors Danielle Cemprola.  Danielle is an avid runner and a Barre3 Instructor and we could not be more excited to have her represent our brand.  Please check out what she has to share about her workouts, Barre 3 and her own awesome blog The T-Rex Runner.

1. What is your favorite type of workout?  

Tough question! I’ve been running for about 7 years now, so that has historically been my favorite, but I’m also a Barre3 instructor here in Greenville, SC. I love the shakes and quakes that barre workouts bring! But currently, I’d have to say my favorite workout is probably hiking. My husband and I have amazing trails and hikes in the mountains up here. We’re loving it and try to get out as often as possible!

2. How long have you been a Barre Instructor?

I became a certified Barre3 instructor in August, 2015. Our studio opened in September of the same year! Before that, I was a client at the Barre3 studio in my previous hometown for about a year and did online workouts before that studio opened.

3. How did you get interested in Barre?

I have suffered from chronic degenerative back problems since I was 16, and they started to get a lot worse in my late 20s. I eventually had to have surgery in April 2014, and the rehab process was long. My physical therapists made it clear that core strength would be vitally important to putting off my next surgery for as long as possible, so I started  to look into different options. That’s how I found Barre3 online! I became a client as soon as a studio opened up near me and quickly became obsessed. It’s no impact, so safe for my back, and I have never been stronger.

4. What do you like most about the Barre workout?

Unlike most workouts, Barre3 is not about going “all out” every single day. Our company really emphasizes taking different options and modifications that feel right for your body for each movement. For someone with a chronic injury, that was life changing! I love that on days when my back is sore, I have the option to work slightly more upright or not go as deep into the movements. If you’re struggling with an ankle injury, you can work flat-footed. As instructors, it’s our job to help our clients perform within whatever their body’s limits are for that ONE day - not the day before, or where they think they should be based on their fitness levels in the past. We help people push themselves safely.  I love that aspect of Barre3!

5.  For us that aren’t familiar with Barre please let us know more about it? How does this type of exercise benefit the student/participants? 

Barre3 is a combination of athletic movements at a ballet barre (no dancing required, I promise!) plus yoga and pilates. It is a 60 minute workout that features a warm-up, leg work sequence, combo work (dynamic upper and lower body movements with light handheld weights), seat work, core work, and a cool down.  We like to say our workouts are a 60-minute core workout, and it’s true! I think that is one of the best things about Barre3 - your core is engaged the entire time, and we don’t just focus on the abs. You’ll also strengthen your hips, glutes, and low back - every part of your core. It’s zero impact, and it’s safe for people with all different types of injuries, fitness levels, and challenges. It’s also great for prenatal and postnatal mamas. You’ll do lots of small movements - think moving up and down one inch at a time - and while it seems simple, it’s really tough! You’ll work your muscles to fatigue and probably start shaking, which is a good thing!

6.  Can you share with us so at home Barre workouts?

Barre3 has an amazing online video library of workouts! There are hundreds of videos online ranging from 10 to the full 60 minutes in length. There’s also a Barre3 app that is loaded down with videos, recipes, and more! You can get a free trial by heading to our website. This is how I started doing Barre3 and I can’t recommend it enough - it’s so convenient, low cost, and effective!

7.  You have your own awesome blog about running. How did you get inspired to start writing a blog?

I started writing The T-Rex Runner after my third marathon back in 2011. I had decided that I wanted to run a marathon in every state by my 30th birthday, and I wanted a way to remember all of my races! Of course, I didn’t think anyone except my mom would actually read it, but my audience just kept growing! I have now finished 50 marathons and countless half marathons in 38 states and 4 countries. I don’t run marathons anymore because of my back, but I’m finishing out the rest of my states with half marathons! Along the way, the blog has become a way to record my travel adventures and the ups and downs of life in my 20s and now 30s, and I love connecting with people through it. I also chronicled my 12 year struggle with anorexia and bulimia on the blog - check out that series here!

8.  What’s your favorite piece from the DanaLouFIT Spring 2016 collection?

That’s a tough one! I am obsessed with all of the leggings. I love that they are high-waisted, lightweight, and don’t show sweat at all! I’m a super sweaty person when I work out, and it’s so nice to not have to worry about that anymore. I get compliments on my leggings all the time in the studio! I think my favorite pattern is the Macaw print. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else!
June 10, 2016 by Angela Murray

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