Traveling is in my blood. I come from a long line of travelers and my father was a pilot so getting on a plane and traveling across the country or across the ocean without much planning was the norm in my family. I feel really lucky to have grown up in a travel culture. I thought I would share my tips on traveling and hopefully inspire some of our readers to get out of your comfort zone and go somewhere new and exciting.

I urge you to go on a big adventure by yourself. Traveling by myself has really shaped me into the person I am today. A few years ago I was afraid to do anything by myself. I went on a few adventures by myself and then I lived in Thailand by myself for a year and half and its eye opening, exciting and challenging. I guarantee that you will grow from the experience.

Traveling alone is also fun because you can meet new people along the way and start building a friend list with people from all over the world.  It’s great to meet these new friends because then your intrigued to check out their country, city or town.  When I was traveling through Italy I shared a room with two girls from Israel, Naama and Shani and we became fast friends and I ended up traveling with them through a portion of my time in Italy. I can’t wait to go to Israel to check out the country and see in person what wonderful things they told me about their country.

First Travel Tip- Traveling Alone- If you’re traveling alone try to stay in a Hostel. The word Hostel scares some people but they are the best way to meet new people. A lot of Hostels have private rooms so you can have your privacy and meet people.

Traveling with others can be challenging. Everyone handles stress and culture shock differently. I have a few great traveling buddies that I have been on some great adventures with.  I am particular who I travel with because it can be a disaster to go to an amazing place with the wrong person. I am really laid back and down for any adventure but I have found over the years that I don’t like to do the planning portion of traveling. It’s great for me to travel with people who like to plan and are open minded as well.  I traveled to Panama with my friend Alicia and we had the best adventure because we were both on the same page! We enjoyed dolphin calling, lobster barbeques and Panama’s Independence Day! :)

Second Travel Tip- Find a good Travel Buddy! It’s awesome if you and your partner are on the same level with your ideas of traveling but if you’re not then find a friend to travel with! It can make or break your trip. 

During my great adventures I have had some downfalls and its just part of the adventure. When I first moved to Thailand, I was moto mugged. I was also being an idiot so I kind of deserved it. I was actually thankful that it happened because it put me back into check that I wasn’t in my country and that I needed to be more aware of my surroundings.  I didn’t lose anything important like my passport or a lot of money.  

Third Travel Tip- Be aware of your surroundings and keep important documents (Passport) in a safe place on your body or in your hostel/hotel.  Make a copy of your passport so you have proof of it.  Don’t have all your cash in one place. Break up your cash and put them in different places. It’s a bummer to get mugged or to lose your purse or wallet and your travel funds be gone.

No matter if you’re traveling for a week or for a few months or a year. I recommend that you try to find a Hash House Harriers club wherever you go.  These are running/walking clubs that are established all over the world by local residents that live in the area. They usually create the running/walking trails in obscure parts of the city/town so you get an insider view of beautiful and unique trails in your visiting city or town.  I became an active member of the Club in Chiang Rai, Thailand and I even got my hash name (Black Diamond).

Fourth Travel Tip- Find a Hash House Harrier Club- Check out this site to see if they have an established club in your next adventure location.

I like to get to know the locals wherever I go. Meeting and hanging out with the locals in the community gives you the experience of the culture in the area. Even if I am only in the area for a short time I feel like I get a glimpse of what it’s like to live in that place and that makes the trip worthwhile for me.  I first try to see if I have any connections in the area.  I try to find out if I have friends that have traveled to my future travel location before and get their advice on things to do and see and then I go from there. I like to take word of mouth recommendations any day over a travel book.

Fifth Travel Tip- Get to know the locals. Getting to know the culture will really heighten your experience.


Always have a list of places that you want to explore. Awe inspiring pictures of places, intriguing articles and friends travel stories have always motivated me to explore. No matter my financial situation I have always found a way to make a trip happen. You will never remember the money you spent going somewhere. What you will remember are the experiences you had on your great adventures and that is what matters the most. 

Sixth Travel Trip- GO EXPLORE! It will change your life! :)


Sporting the Jeanie Leggings on my recent trip down the Pacific Coast Highway in California!:)

We would love to hear your travel tips! Please share any travel stories or tips with us!

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