Living in a SKI Town

When you’re writing a blog you usually write about things you want to learn about and share or things you already know about and want to share.  I decided I would write about life in a ski town and how one sport can really build the culture of the town.

Dana and I know a lot about living in a ski town because we lived in one for a while! I myself tend to gravitate towards resort areas. I like to be surrounded by nature, sports, music, and fun people. Vail, CO definitely fits into all of those categories.

During the winters you snowboard and ski EVERY weekend, enjoy beverages on nice sunny decks, you go to live shows, enjoy Apre ski, go to a slew of free concerts, have scavenger ski hunts, go to ski and snowboard competitions (Burton US Open, X-Games), snowshoe, cross-country ski, tube, ski bike, bbq at blue sky basin, and let me not forget my favorite end of the season event 4 at 4. The stuff to do is endless. You feel guilty if you stay indoors because you have a mountain full of fun in your backyard.

In the summer they have free Tuesday night concerts in Vail, State Bridge shows, floating down the Colorado (sometimes even on an air mattress... True Story), camping, hiking, road biking and mountain biking, yoga in the park, softball and kickball leagues, Friday afternoon clubs and so much more. I enjoy summers more than winters because the weather is amazing and the potential to have fun is endless.

Back to my original question of does a sport build a culture? I think it does and after living in Vail I got to see it firsthand.  Before Vail Ski Resort was created it was a logging and farming community. After the ski resort was created people came from all over the world to play on the mountain and call Vail their home. Some people move to vail for a season others come for one season and stay for years or maybe even the rest of their lives.

People come to ride or ski, and with that, you get this amazing culture filled with people who have a passion for life and love for a good adrenaline rush. With the sport of skiing and snowboarding you get a playful atmosphere where people are just down to have a good time and enjoy the mountain and each other’s company. That’s across the board for visitors and locals a like. You never really get tired of the culture and when you move away you miss it and the people in it.

Every sport has its stereotype. People in Ski Towns definitely have a specific stereotype. We are known as ski and snowboard bums.  According to the general stereotype we don’t like to work we just like to ski and ride (partially true), we love to PARTAY(true), we are gear junkies (true), we are pretty laid back (true), hippies (partially true), we have the peter pan syndrome (partially true/mostly dudes). I am sure there is many more stereotypes but I can’t think of them right this moment. All I know is that almost every friend I have made in Vail is a pretty amazing person, and I love to be around them and adventure with them whenever possible.

Here is some ski/snowboard slang for your reading pleasure. We would love to hear your sport slang from whatever awesome sports culture you live in. Leave us a comment below!

Pow Pow- Nice fluffy white stuff that is so much fun to ride in!

Bluebird Day- Blue skies normally with no clouds- great day to bbq and drink beer on a sunny deck

First Chair- Grabbing the first lift of the day- We like to grab these before all the tourists take over the mountain

Shredding the Nar- Skiing or Riding in amazing snow

Apre- the social activities and entertainment following a day's skiing

Gnarley- this would be a comment someone would make after you did something really cool or you crashed really badly

Bro- your buddy

Epic- awesome

Steezy- way cool- your outfit or board/ski’s are usually pretty steezy

Scorpion- usually starts with a face plant then the board and legs resemble a scorpion stinger

Gaper- Someone who wears outdated ski gear like full piece ski suits and they are serious about it

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