How Yoga Changed my Life

Hello out there in Blog world! My name is Angela and I am a part of the DanaLouFIT team.  I am very excited to start contributing to our weekly blogs, and hope to bring you fun new topics to help support your healthy lifestyle. So, I am starting off my first Blog with an explanation of how my journey to happiness and being content with my life began.

My journey all started one spring day when I went into Revolution Power Yoga (RPY) to sign up for a free week of yoga.  I was greeted by a warm and wonderful yogi named Julie. She was my first impression of yoga, and her warmth, and welcome gave me an awesome first impression. My first class was with Kristen and she was pretty amazing too. She was kind, generous, and non-judgmental of my inflexibility or my constant giggles at myself throughout the class.  For some reason, I remember this day so vividly, which I think is weird because, I don’t remember much. When something impacts your life as much as yoga has for me, you can always recall exactly where it started.

After my first week I was hooked! It was the start of my journey. I have always been a busy person and I never really gave myself the time to chill out and slow down. In the first few months of yoga, I was dying through shivasana because, in my head I had so much stuff to do that I couldn’t stand just lying there.  As time went on, I learned to cherish and honor my practice, my mind and my body through my yoga practice. I’m now able to be in the present moment and enjoy that well-earned moment of shivasana. I actually never want it to end now!

I became really involved in the RPY community and I even became an Ambassador for the Studio. I was in charge of creating and maintaining the retail program for the studio. In return, I was able to participate in growth meetings and enjoy more yoga. Being involved in such a loving and open minded community just opened my eyes to the possibilities of growing into a more wholesome and compassionate person.

Another significant event that happened through RPY was partaking in the Baron Baptiste 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program.  It was a pretty large group of strangers that participated in the program. We did some exercises that were so uncomfortable but pivotal for me.  This program really did give me the tools to hold myself accountable in many different areas of my life as well as be able to handle my daily obstacles and stresses. I think back to this program all the time. I use some of the tools with my interactions with people on a daily basis.

Joining RPY, being an Ambassador and partaking in the 40 Day program started the shift, and were the first steps to this grand journey I have been on in the past few years.

Being deeply involved in RPY and the 40 Day program was all very significant to my growth process but the day my grand journey really started was when I met with a life coach and yoga practitioner that was holding appointments for only a few days at RPY. I only went to see her because my friends swore by her and said that she helped them in so many ways. I was sold.

Before the meeting I wrote down a slew of things that were on my mind. It was like my conscious was on paper and that’s exactly how I read it to her. I had just turned 30 and I was worried about the normal 30 something things. Should I be settling down, should I be having kids, should I start a real career, I’ve always wanted to go on a big adventure but am I too old, I would love to teach English abroad, my daily stresses . During this meeting she was busy writing down what I was saying and sometimes looking up at me then back to writing down my words. During the meeting I even started to get a little irritated because I thought she wasn’t listening to me. When I was done reading my conscious on paper she repeated everything I said back to me word for word. I was stunned. I felt like I was in the Mary Poppins scene where she reads the credentials for the nanny job that have been ripped up and sucked up the fireplace.

She told me that getting married and having kids would all figure itself out and I shouldn’t spend too much energy focusing on that, but I should start looking more seriously at teaching abroad. She said that my energy was so bright and warm when I spoke about teaching and that my throat chakra was very strong and she thought I would be a good teacher. 

I took everything she said to heart and I took a big risk… When I got back to work, I applied for LanguageCorps.  A week later I was accepted and that was it. I spent a year and four months in Northern Thailand teaching 4 and 5 year old students in a Thai Government school.  My time there was life changing and invaluable, and it all started with me walking into Revolution Power Yoga on one spring day to sign up for a week of free yoga classes.

If your ever in the Vail/Avon , Colorado  area please check out my beloved studio and awesome yoga Community.


February 01, 2016 by Angela Murray

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