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Introducing the Fabulous DanaLouFIT Ambassador Amy Chatfield

We are excited to introduce you to our strong and fabulous DanaLouFIT Ambassador Amy Chatfield. Learn about her badass journey through Crossfit and Powerlifting.    1. How long have you been Powerlifting? I began Powerlifting around 4-5 years ago, not long after I began Crossfit. 2. How did you get interested in Powerlifting? I had been been Crossfitting for around 6 months when it was recommended I try a Powerlifting cycle to get stronger. I enjoyed following the program and soon after signed up for my first Powerlifting meet. I was hooked.   3. How do you prepare for Powerlifting Competitions? Can you give us an idea of what happens at a Powerlifting Competition and how it’s judged and what...

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Tribal Series Project

We are excited to tell you about the launch of our Tribal Series Project coming this December. We have been working throughout the year to create, partner and launch this series. As a company, we are always trying to find ways to give back to communities that have impacted us in some way. This year we decided to support a Refugee Community here in America, specifically the Karen Refugees who are originally from Burma. This idea came to us from my experience of working with Karen Hilltribe Weavers while living in Thailand. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to weave on a bamboo loom with a local Karen weaver named Pi Da. It was a very special experience and...

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Introducing the AMAZING Kyla Sfiris as a DanaLouFIT Ambassador

DanaLouFIT is proud to introduce Kyla Sfiris as a member of the Dana Lou Crew Team. Please read and learn about her time as a College Athlete at Western Carolina University and how being a College Athlete has shaped her into the person she is today and how it has helped her with her journey of becoming a barre3 Studio Owner and Instructor.  1. You were a College Athlete at Western Carolina University. How do you think being a part of a college sport shaped you into your profession as a barre3 Owner and Instructor? What aspects of your life did it also help shape? Playing at the collegiate level is a tremendous amount of work, and I think that...

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